ERDDAP is a data server designed to facilitate automated access to environmental data for both people and other data servers.

BML hosts an ERDDAP data server with access to a selection of sensors on shoreline seawater instruments. The datasets include metadata that describe the variables, their units and reference points, allowing data to be reliably processed, analyzed and compared with other datasets.

Download Data Using ERDDAP

erddap data flow

The ERDDAP server provides a human-oriented interface, allowing a user to discover and examine the datasets using a normal web browser, and it can produce customized timeline plots of the data. The plots can be downloaded as static images in png or pdf format, or alternatively the corresponding URL can be copied into a web page to produce plots that automatically update. The data may also be downloaded in a variety of formats such as HTML, CSV (for Excel), Matlab and netCDF.

Funding for this project was provided by CeNCOOS.