Rainfall Gauge Sensor Information

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Hydrological Services TB4 Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge 

Installed: September 2003,

Sensor replaced in 2019.

Description: 200 mm diameter funnel directs precipitation into a bucket mechanism that tips when filled to a calibrated level; pulse-counting circuitry tallies number of tips 

tipping bucket rain gaugeLocation: 40 m from coastal bluff 
Latitude 38° 19' 01.58" N 
Longitude 123° 04' 18.61" W 


Resolution: 0.254 mm (0.01") 
Range: 0 to 700 mm/hr (27.6 in/hr) 
Accuracy: Better than 2% @ 500 mm/hr (19.7 in/hr)

Acquisition Settings:
15 second running total
Total tips logged hourly

Sensor Calibration and Quality Assurance Procedures

After a rain shower, the amount of water collected in the funneled rain bucket is measured with the graduated staff.  This value is used to check the amount of rainfall recorded by the tipping bucket rain gauge.  After measurement, the bucket is emptied to prevent later comparisons from being affected by residual water in the bucket.