Tomales Bay Wave Buoy

Tomales Bay Wave Buoy

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Location: 38.118000 N, -122.867000 W

Tomales Bay Wave Buoy
Sofar spotter buoy, Tomales Bay

Deployed: February 28, 2024

The Inverness mooring is located northeast of Inverness, CA in Tomales Bay in approximately 15’ of water. The purpose of this buoy is to collect oceanographic data that will allow researchers to answer various ecological and oceanographic questions, as well as provide data related to sea conditions within the inner bay.

Non-real-time sensors include:

  • Near-surface SBE 37 (temperature and salinity)
  • PME MiniDOT (dissolved oxygen)
  • Near-bottom SBE 39 thermistor

Real-time observations include:

  • Sea surface temperature
  • Wind speed and direction
  • Wave height

See live data here