Tomales Bay Buoy Observations

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Tomales Bay Buoy Observations

Oct 15, 2021: The Tomales Bay Buoy is currently offline, thank you for your patience while we address the outage.
Current Conditions
Seawater Temperature (deg F)
Seawater Temperature (deg C)
Seawater Salinity (PSU)
Seawater Fluorescence (ug/l)
Seawater Conductivity (S/m)
Seawater Density (sigma-t kg/m3-1000)
Seawater Turbidity
Wind Speed (mph)
Last update

Sensor information

Tomales Bay Buoy Plots

TBB Buoy Temp FTBB Buoy Temp CTBB Buoy Salinity PSUTBB Buoy Chloropyll ugplTBB Buoy Conductivity S/mTBB Buoy DensityTBB Buoy Turbidity NTUTBB Buoy Wind Speed mph