NorCalCurrents: Current Maps & App

Surface Current Maps (Disclaimer)

View surface current conditions inside and outside of the Golden Gate on Google Maps. Tab through the last 24-hours of maps or bring up the average currents for the last 24 hours.

San Francisco Bay
High-resolution surface current maps of Central San Francisco Bay.

  • • Spatial resolution - 500 m
  • • Map updates each hour
  • • View hourly archived maps

Central California Coast
Low- and medium--resolution surface current maps of the Gulf of the Farallones.

  • • Resolution - 2 and 6 Km
  • • Map updated each hour
  • • View hourly archived maps

iPhone App

Our iPhone and iPad apps are available for monitoring surface currents in San Francisco Bay.  The sailing community may choose to view near real-time conditions (one hour delay), to review archived information for the last 24 hours (in one hour steps), or to look forward to conditions predicted for one and two hours ahead of near real-time. A detailed description of the app is available on this here. Visit Apple iTunes to download the app.