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sea surface currents and waves

Learn more about Sea Surface Current Observations

High Frequency (HF) Radar Derived Currents and Waves

Note: dates/times are UTC (PST -8/PDT -7).

Nor Cal Currents


Northern California Surface Currents

Google map of sea surface currents in northern California

National HFR Currents

National Map of HFRADAR Derived Surface Currents

Google map of sea surface currents nationally, data access

HF Radar Derived Wave Measurements

Latest 7 days: wave height, direction, period

decade of data

A Decade of Data - Using Radar to Understand Our Ocean

High-frequency radar (HFR) has measured coastal surface currents off California since the late 1990s, with a statewide array in place since 2008. Hourly surface current maps are available with a statewide resolution of about 5 km and with finer spatial resolution of about 1 km in specific regions, such as the Gulf of Farallones. The 72 stations on the West Coast have created a large dataset in space and time we can use to look at ocean climate variability, events, and trends. More >