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Wind speed and direction

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Current Conditions
Wind Speed (mph) 5.2
Wind Speed (kts) 4.5
Wind Direction (deg N) 307
Wind Speed (mph)
Wind Speed (kts)
Wind Direction (deg N)
Last update: Wed Dec 13 16:00:01 2017 PST

A note about wind measurements: the BML anemometer (currently offline) is located on a 10 m tower atop the Laboratory at a total height 20 m. The NOAA ESRL anemometer is atop a 10 m ground mounted tower ~200 m north of the Laboratory. Differences in the physical location of the two sensors may result in different observations.

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Wind is caused by differences in air density or pressure. Air moves from areas of high pressure to areas of low pressure. The greater the pressure difference, the stronger the wind. Wind drives daily changes in weather, causing clouds and moisture to move across the Earth’s surface.

Meteorologists use wind in conjunction with barometric pressure to create weather forecasts, and wind measurements are of particular importance to mariners and aviators. Scientists study the affect of wind on circulation, upwelling, and how it may interact with currents to drive climate change.

Wind speed and direction are measured with an anemometer.

BML Wind Speed Gusts in mph

BML Wind Speed Gusts in kts

BML Wind Direction