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Resident and Neighboring Observation Platforms

The Bodega Ocean Observing Node shares the neighborhood (the Bodega Marine Reserve) with several other on-site instrument platforms operated by partner institutions, listed below.

Please note that the Bodega Marine Laboratory Bodega Ocean Observing Node is not responsible for the measurements listed below, these links are provided as references. For questions about these data, contact the appropriate operating organizations.

See a map that shows the relative locations of these instruments.


Center for Western Weather and Water Extremes Atmospheric River Portal

unavcoNOAA ESRL (Earth System Research Laboratory)

NOAA Climate Reference Network

Western Regional Climate Center

NOAA/NWS Hydrometeorological Design Studies Center 

UNAVCO Plate Boundary Observatory

CeNCOOS and Naval Postgraduate School Ocean Acoustics Laboratory Shiptrack Monitoring

Safecast Measurements

Safecast Radiation Measurements - Safecast is a volunteer driven non-profit organization whose goal is to create useful, accessible, and granular environmental data for public information and research. Begun in response to the nuclear disaster in Japan in March, 2011, Safecast collects radiation and other environmental data from all over the world.