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BOON Researchers

BOON is a coastal ocean observing system managed by the Bodega Marine Laboratory (BML) and focused on the coasts of northern California, from the Gulf of the Farallones to Point Arena.

BOON aims to strengthen research via collaboration, interdisciplinary analysis and data accessibility. Data are publicly shared via the BOON terms of use. These data form the core of BML's research program, and UC Davis researchers actively use the data collected by BOON for their investigations. Collaboration is encouraged; please review the following research areas and contact individuals for collaborative opportunities.

faloonaIan Faloona, Ph.D.

UCD Department of Land, Air and Water Resources

Ian Faloona studies biogeochemistry, air quality, and regional climate and the turbulent dynamics and chemistry in the atmosphere and ocean.

Data of Interest:

  • Air: CO, O3
  • Seawater: pCO2
  • Wind: Speed, Direction, Marine Atmospheric Boundary Layer

Contact: icfaloona@ucdavis.edu, 530-752-2044

gaylordBrian Gaylord, Ph.D.

BML/UCD Section of Evolution and Ecology

Brian Gaylord studies ecological biomechanics and biological-physical coupling in marine coastal ecosystems. He is interested in general patterns in biology that arise from physiologically or environmentally imposed physical constraints. Research topics include the means by which intertidal plants and animals cope with breaking waves, oceanographic influences on species range limits, the dispersal ecology of seaweeds, and forest-flow interactions in kelp beds.

Data of Interest:

  • Air: Temp, Humidity
  • Currents: Surface, Subsurface, waves
  • Seawater: Temp, Salinity, Conductivity, pH, pCO2

Contact: bpgaylord@ucdavis.edu, 707-875-1940

hillTessa Hill, Ph.D.

BML/UCD Department of Geology

Tessa Hill's research focuses on marine records of climate change, utilizing corals and microfossils to reconstruct past oceanographic conditions. Specific interests include the role of methane in climate change, the importance of deep ocean circulation to the Earth's climate system, and anthropogenic impacts on coastal systems.

Contact: tmhill@ucdavis.edu, 707-875-1910

largierJohn Largier, Ph.D.

BML/UCD Department of Environmental Science and Policy

Dr. Largier's research in coastal oceanography is directed at better understanding and resolving ecological and environmental issues through the study of currents, transport, and mixing in ocean, bay and estuary waters. Specific interests include, larval dispersal, patterns of coastal pollution, coastal ocean observing systems, and marine protected areas.

Data of Interest:

  • Currents: Surface, Subsurface
  • Seawater: Temp, Salinity, Conductivity, Fluorescence, Transmittance
  • Wind: Speed, Direction, Marine Atmospheric Boundary Layer

Contact: jlargier@ucdavis.edu, 707-875-1930

morganSteven G. Morgan, Ph.D.

BML/UCD Department of Environmental Science and Policy

Steven Morgan studies how marine populations, communities, and ecosystems are regulated by nature and anthropogenic environmental factors in a changing global environment. His research on the ecology and behavior of invertebrates and fishes examines both adult and larval phases of marine life cycles with the ultimate goal of understanding the evolution of life histories in the sea and better managing coastal resources. Specific interests include larval behavior, migration, predation, phenotypic plasticity, rocky shore communities, wetland health and marine reserves.

Data of Interest:

  • Air: Temp
  • Currents: Surface, Subsurface
  • Wind: Speed, Direction
  • Seawater: Temp, Salinity, Fluorescence, Transmittance

Contact: sgmorgan@ucdavis.edu, 707-875-1920

nevittGabrielle A. Nevitt, Ph.D.

UCD Section of Neurobiology, Physiology & Behavior

Dr. Nevitt studies sensory ecology. Her current research focuses on olfactory foraging and navigation in sub-Antarctic Procellariiform seabirds, though she has also worked extensively with spiny lobsters, salmon and other marine and freshwater fish species.

Contact: ganevitt@ucdavis.edu, 707-875-1924

russellAnn D. Russell, Ph.D.

UCD Department of Geology

Ann Russell studies paleoceanography and chemical oceanography. Research focuses on development and application of geochemical tracers of changes in ocean chemistry, including metals and stable isotopes in foraminiferal shells, and redox-sensitive metals in bulk sediments. She uses these geochemical tracers to reconstruct changes in ocean temperature, carbon chemistry, and redox environment from deep-sea sediment cores.

Data of Interest:

  • Seawater: pH, pCO2

Contact: adrussell@ucdavis.edu, 530-752-3311

sanfordEric Sanford, Ph.D.

BML/UCD Section of Evolution and Ecology

Eric Sanford's research focuses on understanding how environmental factors influence species interaction, community dynamics, and species' geographic range limits along the coasts of California and Oregon. His work with marine intertidal invertebrates address both ecological and evolutionary processes and uses integrative field and laboratory experiments to explore biogeographic patterns.

Contact: edsanford@ucdavis.edu, 707-875-2040