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horseshoe cove cam west

Current Conditions
Air Temperature (deg F) 54.5
Seawater T (deg F) 54.0
Wind Speed (mph) 4.7
Wind Direction (deg N) 166
Rainfall (hourly) 0.1
Last update: Sat Jan 25 18:20:00 2020 PST

Weather Forecast - Bodega Bay, CA

Bodega Bay, California, weather forecast


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HF Radar Derived Wave Height (in meters) and Direction - Bodega Bay, CA

Note: the date/time axis in these charts is in UTC (PST -8/PDT -7).


Additional wave information:

This information is provided by the Bodega Marine Laboratory solely for the convenience of those who work or play in the ocean. Bodega Marine Laboratory has no control over the accuracy or reliability of the information provided by other institutions. As always, you are responsible for your own safety when venturing into the ocean.