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Last update: Tue Jun 19 01:00:00 2018 PDT

Atmospheric Observations
Air Temperature (deg F) 51.6
Air Temperature (deg C) 10.9
Wind Speed (mph) 10.8
Wind Speed (kts) 9.4
Wind Direction (deg N) 324
Barometric Pressure (mbar) 1014.5
Barometric Pressure (in.Hg) 29.9582
Relative Humidity (%) 100.0


Light Observations
PAR (umols/m^2/s) 0.0
Solar Radiation (W/m^2) 0.0


Rainfall Observations
Last hour (inches) 0.0
Last 24 hours (inches) 0.0
Last 7 days (inches) 0.0
Last 30 days (inches) 0.2
Year to date (inches) 21.3
Since previous Jul 1 (inches) 27.0
Since previous Oct 1 (inches) 26.7


ShoreStation Seawater Observations
Seawater Temperature (deg F) 55.1
Seawater Temperature (deg C) 12.8
Seawater Salinity (PSU) 33.843
Seawater Density (sigma-t kg/m3-1000) 25.533
Seawater Conductivity (S/m) 3.9577


Tomales Bay Buoy Seawater Observations
Seawater Temperature (deg F) 58.0
Seawater Temperature (deg C) 14.5
Seawater Salinity (PSU) 33.629
Seawater Fluorescence (ug/l) 7.990
Seawater Conductivity (S/m) 4.0912
Seawater Density (sigma-t kg/m3-1000) 25.030
Seawater Turbidity 2.520
Wind Direction (deg N) -offline-
Wind Speed (mph) 8.57


Fort Point Seawater Observations
Seawater Temperature (deg F) 56.9
Seawater Temperature (deg C) 13.8
Seawater Salinity (PSU) 30.335
Seawater Fluorescence (raw) 0.000
Seawater Conductivity (S/m) 3.6743
Seawater Pressure (dbar) 3.10
Seawater Density (sigma-t kg/m3-1000) 22.619
Seawater Transmittance (raw) 0.000

Last update: Tue Jun 19 01:00:00 2018 PDT