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Last update: Sat Jun 24 06:50:00 2017 PDT

Atmospheric Observations
Air Temperature (deg F) 53.5
Air Temperature (deg C) 12.0
Wind Speed (mph) --- offline ---
Wind Speed (kts) --- offline ---
Wind Direction (deg N) --- offline ---
Barometric Pressure (mbar) 1012.9
Barometric Pressure (in.Hg) 29.9109
Relative Humidity (%) 100.0


Light Observations
PAR (umols/m^2/s) 88.3
Solar Radiation (W/m^2) 34.1


Rainfall Observations
Last hour (inches) 0.0
Last 24 hours (inches) 0.0
Last 7 days (inches) 0.0
Last 30 days (inches) 0.6
Year to date (inches) 33.2
Since previous Jul 1 (inches) 50.9
Since previous Oct 1 (inches) 50.5


ShoreStation Seawater Observations
Seawater Temperature (deg F) 57.1
Seawater Temperature (deg C) 14.0
Seawater Salinity (PSU) 33.700
Seawater Density (sigma-t kg/m3-1000) 25.190
Seawater Conductivity (S/m) 4.0506


May 2017: The BML Buoy is currently off-line for service.

Offshore Buoy Seawater Observations
Buoy Seawater Temperature (deg F)
Buoy Seawater Temperature (deg C)
Seawater Salinity (PSU)
Buoy Seawater Fluorescence (ug/l)
Buoy Seawater Dissolved Oxygen
Buoy Seawater Oxygen Saturation
Buoy Seawater Turbidity (NTU)
Buoy Seawater Conductivity (S/m)
Buoy Seawater Pressure (dbar) 0.83


Tomales Bay Buoy Seawater Observations
Seawater Temperature (deg F) 65.6
Seawater Temperature (deg C) 18.7
Seawater Salinity (PSU) 33.192
Seawater Fluorescence (ug/l) 2.790
Seawater Conductivity (S/m) 4.4426
Seawater Density (sigma-t kg/m3-1000) 23.720
Seawater Turbidity 2.990
Wind Direction (deg N) -offline-
Wind Speed (mph) 3.80


Fort Point Seawater Observations
Seawater Temperature (deg F) 57.5
Seawater Temperature (deg C) 14.2
Seawater Salinity (PSU) 29.931
Seawater Fluorescence (raw) 0.005
Seawater Conductivity (S/m) 3.6577
Seawater Pressure (dbar) 1.62
Seawater Density (sigma-t kg/m3-1000) 22.242
Seawater Transmittance (raw) 0.247

Last update: Sat Jun 24 06:50:00 2017 PDT