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A Decade of Data

A Decade of Data

Using Radar to Understand Our Ocean



Sea Surface Currents

These plots are derived from high frequency radar observations and show direction and velocity of the ocean surface current. Plots display hourly and daily averaged sea surface currents.



Long term average air and seawater temperatures recorded from NOAA buoy 46013 over the period 1982-2007 are plotted for each day of the year and compared with current conditions.

Russian River mouth


Russian River Observations

Predicted tide and precipitation, waves, discharge.



Marine Communities

Marine Communities

Researchers are monitoring the effect of winds on ocean productivity to forecast year class strength of salmon and seabirds, as well as annual changes in temperature, oxygen and acidification to understand the effect of climate change on benthic and planktonic communities.


Currents- the Cape Mendocino Eddy

Currents - the Cape Mendocino Eddy

Two HF-Radar stations have been mapping currents between Cape Mendocino and Point Arena since August 2008. The most striking feature is the “Cape Mendocino Eddy”, a seasonally recurring eddy that forms just offshore of Cape Mendocino in the early summer.


Seasonal Flow Patterns (2006)


Currents - Seasonal Flow Patterns

This research focuses on describing onshore/offshore and northward/southward transports and the onset, development and persistence of several structures (meanders). 


Surface Currents and Sea Surface Temperature

Surface Currents and Sea Surface Temperature

View movies of surface currents derived from long-range radar measurements. The system coverage and environmental conditions (wave height) are correlated. In this area, during the summer, wave height and wind speed are also correlated. The maximum long-range coverage is thus obtained during times of significant upwelling.


Matlab/HFR Progs Compatible QA/QC Scripts


Matlab/HFR Progs Compatible QA/QC Scripts

HFR Progs Supplement: Matlab routines to perform QA/QC on high frequency radar (HFR) data and calculate temporal and spatial statistics.

Marine Atmospheric Boundary Layer (MABL)

Marine Atmospheric Boundary Layer (MABL)

During the summertime a sharp meteorological contrast is established in Northern California between the Pacific High pressure system offshore and the thermal low of California’s great central valley. The resultant along-shore winds and cold ocean waters along the coast are very important components of the local climate.