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BOON research Projects > Oceanography

Surface Currents and SST

Contact: John Largier Ph.D.

Below are 2 movies of surface currents derived from long-range radar measurements. The system coverage and environmental conditions (wave height) are correlated. In this area, during the summer, wave height and wind speed are also correlated. The maximum long-range coverage is thus obtained during times of significant upwelling.

Long Range Daily Movie with SST June-Aug 2007 (10.7 MB Quicktime movie):Sea surface temperature south of Point Arena, California, with surface currents measured by the long-range CODAR units superimposed.  Winds as measured at NDBC buoy 46013 are also shown. The currents are daily estimates that have been smoothed over 3 days.

Long Range Hourly Movie June-Aug 2007 (78.4 MB Quicktime movie): Hourly surface currents measured by the long-range CODAR units.  Winds and significant wave height measured at NDBC buoy 46013 are also shown.

Long Range Hourly Movie ReadMe File pdf This file contains a description of the symbols used in the movie of the hourly surface currents, as well as selected images of interesting current patterns.

Note: For optimal viewing please download the movies rather than play them in your browser window. To download: PC: right click on file name > save target as… Mac: option click on file name to download…