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SF Bay Currents iPhone App

Jan 2018 - Please note that the BayCurrents app is in need of redevelopment to run with the latest release of iOS. If your iPhone has a recent version of the iOS this app may not work as intended. Our apologies for this inconvenience, we hope to have the resources to further develop this useful app soon. If you are a BayCurrents app user, please email to register your interest in an updated version of the BayCurrents App. Use cases are extremely valuable to us, please tell us how you use the app.

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-Info On/Off Button

Toggles the Velocity Bar, Pin Creator, Map Screen, and About Screen buttons off and on.

-Velocity Bar

The current speed indicated by the color of the arrows is displayed on the bar.

-Time Slider

Brings up current maps from the past 24 hours up to 2 hours into the future.

-Map Screen and About Screen Buttons

Toggle between current map and information about the app's supporting technology.

-Pin Generator

Tap to create pins for placement on the map.

-Map Pin

Drag to desired location. Tap to view longitude and latitude of pin placement.

-GPS Location

Blue dot indicates user location. Tap to view longitude and latitude.