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BOON Data terms of use

Data are available to the public with acknowledgement given to the University of California, Davis, Bodega Marine Laboratory Please contact the appropriate investigator for inquiries regarding active reseach or collaborative opportunities, see BOON Researchers >

Terms of use:

If you produce a product or publication that uses BOON data we require a minimum of the following:

  • An acknowledgment such as “Data provided by the University of California, Davis, Bodega Marine Laboratory” within the publication.
  • If data is delivered via the BOON website, provide a link to the BOON website.
  • An e-mail to bmldata@ucdavis.edu indicating the publication title, product description or URL.

Please do not:

  • Pass data to other parties.
  • Post data directly on to a website, publish data without proper acknowledgement, or otherwise suggest that it is your own data.

BOON Data Disclaimer:

Regarding documents and information available from this website: environmental data are provided by BML/BOON with the understanding that they are not guaranteed to be correct or complete. Conclusions drawn from such information are the sole responsibility of the user and the user assumes the entire risk related to use of this data and this site. While we have attempted to ensure that these data are accurate and reliable, neither BML/BOON nor any of its members or employees makes any warranty, expressed or implied, as to the accuracy, completeness, or utility of this information, nor does the fact of distribution constitute a warranty.

When contacting BOON regarding data please provide the following information:

  1. Indication that you have read the disclaimer and terms of use.
  2. Purpose for which the data will be used, or outline of what you intend to do with the data.
  3. E-mail address
  4. First name/Last name
  5. Organization
  6. Address
  7. Telephone number

Further information:

All information and data on this website is subject to copyright of BML/BOON or its partners. Further information, feedback, and requests or inquiries concerning usage and rights should be addressed to bmldata@ucdavis.edu.

Carbon monoxide (CO) Measurements

Carbon monoxide (CO) measurements were made nearly continuously from September 2004 through 2007 by the group of Professor Ian Faloona (UC Davis Dept. of Land, Air, & Water Resources). These high frequency (currently 1Hz) CO observations were acquired using an Aero-laser, AL5002 resonance fluorescence instrument. The general technique is described in Gerbig et al. [J. Geophys. Res., 104 (D1), 1699-1704, 1999] and the following performance characteristics are typical of the shoreline system at Bodega Bay:

  • Detection Rate/Frequency Response: >1 Hz
  • Precision (@ 1s & 100 ppb CO): ± 1.4 ppb
  • Accuracy: ± 2%
  • Detection Limit: < 1.5 ppb @ 1s
  • Linearity Range: 0 to >100 ppm

Calibrations using a standard from Scott Specialty (300-1500 ppbv CO in air) were done every 2 hours and zeros (CO scrubbed from ambient sample) are done approximately every hour. The data is available here as an ASCII text file and has been averaged to 30-minute points (both means and medians). Forty percent of the 1Hz data must be present for a data point to be reported, otherwise the number “-9999” is reported. The timestamp is reported as the Julian Day (and fraction thereof) of the year, for which the start of the year, midnight January first, is 1.0. CO concentrations are reported in units of parts per billion volume (ppbv). Corresponding meteorological data is also available for download here. For more information or requests for high frequency data please contact Dr. Ian Faloona or Dr. Douglas Day.

CO Data Sets (.csv format)

Ozone (O3) Measurements

The 1 hour ozone measurements were made with a Dasibi Model 1003-AH UV absorption instrument and presented at the center time of the averaged measurement interval. The instrument was calibrated before and after the deployment at Bodega Bay using the ambient measurements made by the California Air Resources Board in Davis, CA (ARB #57577) as a transfer standard. Queries about the data can be directed to Dr. Ian Faloona (UC Davis Dept. of Land, Air, & Water Resources).

O3 Data Sets (.csv format)


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